CSAT is Customer Satisfaction feedback. Customer Satisfaction feedback helps you understand and gauge what the user feels about the support that has been extended to them and helps in finding out how happy or unhappy your customers are. 

To access CSAT:

  • Go to Settings -> Click CSAT


  • When you turn the CSAT survey option on, three fields pop up.  
  • In the Survey Question field, create a question that you would like to ask your end-user. This question will appear at the resolution of a conversation between an agent and an end-user.
         Note: There is a 50 character limit to the Survey Question that can be fed into the field
  • In the Minimum number of agent interactions required field, you can choose the minimum number of conversations an agent has to have had before the CSAT survey question can appear on the user's app. 
  • The default number of conversations is set to one to ensure the agent has sent and received at least one message to that user, before asking him / her for feedback. 


The end-user experience: 
  • If Additional Comments option is enabled, a text box along with rating options appears for the user to fill in suggestions / feedback.