Sometimes, an agent might need to send offer/deals while they are still messaging with the user or might have to take the user to the right app screen to resolve an issue. In such cases, the agent can use rich messages. With rich content, the agent can add images and deeplinks to create messages. 

A deep link is any web link that takes the user to a particular page within the app itself. As an agent, you can add a deep link with images, a button, text or even locations.

To add a deep link: 

  • From your conversation window click on the deep link icon 
  • Enter text for the message body.

  • Insert a deeplink if you wish to take the user to a specific screen on your mobile app.

  • Add a text label for the deeplink and click Apply.

  • Click Send to send the message.

To attach images with deeplinks:

  • Alternatively, you can also send deeplinks with images attached

  • Hover on the first option on the right hand side of the response tab - it says Image
  • Add an image relevant to your URL or offer
  • Once your image gets added, it shows up on the left. 

  • Now add the deeplink and click Apply
  • Add the text in case you have not and hit Send from the right hand side 

  • Your rich message has now been sent 

To attach an image:

  • To attach an image, go to the response tab and hover on top of the first option on the right hand side 
  • Click on it to add an image from your computer or disk 

  • Once the image is added, type in your message and hit Send 

  • Your image has now been sent