Admins can see who has seen a particular message and at what time in the inbox. This makes coordination easy for both agents and admin. It cuts down the guess work involved in figuring out who a particular conversation has to be assigned to and enables the admin to keep a tab on who has seen the message and who has picked it up.  

To see read receipts: 

There are two types of read receipts:
  • For the admin, seeing which agents have read the message is important.
  • The admin will be able to see which agents have seen a particular incoming message by hovering the pointer on top of the small icon that appears 
  • For an agent, knowing if a user has read a message will help him / her decide if the issue has to be marked as resolved or not.
  • When an agent replies to a message from the user, he / she is expecting a reply from them. In most cases, once the user's issue is resolved, the user does not get back and the agents are not sure if the issue has be marked as resolved. Read receipts help agents figure out when a user has read the message. If an agent sees a grey check mark below their sent message, then the recipient (user) has read their message