Once an issue is fixed, it is necessary to mark them as resolved to let other agents know. You’ll find resolved messages in Resolved View under Views. These messages are not permanently marked resolved. That is, they can be reopened any time the agent wants.

To mark a message as resolved:

    • Select the message you want to resolve. A conversation tab will open on the window on the right hand side. There’s a Resolve button on the top right corner of the conversation tab. Click on it. Your message is now marked as resolved.

You receive a new message but it is probably an issue that doesn’t need instant attention and can be resolved later. Although this message will be answered subsequently, to avoid your inbox getting cluttered, the message can be marked as archived. Once you mark the message as Archive, it will move under the label Archive View, from where you will be able to access it later.

To mark a message as archived:

  • Select the message. In the conversation tab, you’ll see three vertical dots forming a line on the top right corner, next to the Resolve button.
  • Click on that to see a drop down menu Archive and Show Campaigns on it.
  • Click Archive to move the particular message to the archive folder.