Campaigning is one of the most popular methods for companies to acquire new users and retain old ones. Now you can run all your marketing campaigns with the help of Hotline. You also have analytics to measure the performance of these campaigns.

You don’t have to worry about users missing these notifications. In the eventuality that a user accidentally swipes the notification or has push notifications disabled, these messages will still be present within their app so they can check these messages anytime they want.


To create a new campaign:

  • Select Campaigns from the menu. 

  • Click +Create New Campaign

  • You will see a campaign creator window on the left and a preview window on the right side. You can preview how your message will look like on the mobile devices - both android and iOS.
  • Enter a title for that campaign in the Type Campaign Title field.
  • Write a campaign message in the Message field.
  • Click Choose Image to add an image file.
  • Click on Insert Deep Link to add a deeplink to that message to take users to the right screen of the app.
  • Select a channel through which you want to send the message to your users.

  • If you wish to add some additional information to the notification, you can select the checkbox Additional Notification Parameters and add the message. This feature is for Android users only.

Note : You have to write the additional parameters in the JSON format.

If you wish to send a push notification and don’t want that message to stay in the app inbox - you can select the checkbox - Notification Only Campaign

  • Once done creating the message, click Next to proceed.
  • This will take you to the SEGMENT page. You can either select a pre-existing user segment or create a new one.
  • Choosing pre-existing segment will let you select a segment from the available list.

  • To create a new user segment, select the Create a new Segment radio button and add filters to sort users. Click Save Segment As when you're done adding conditions to save the segment.
  • Click Next once your segment is selected.
  • You will be directed to the Segment page. You can either choose Send now to send your campaign right away or you can choose Send on if you wish to send it later sometime and specify the time and date. 

  • When you choose Send on, pick the date and time by clicking on the small calendar icon on the right. A drop down calendar appears from where you can specify the date and time

  • Select Recurring if you wish to keep sending this message with specific time intervals. Specify the number of days. You can also specify when this campaign can expire.

  • You can also make it time sensitive by clicking Yes on the Time Sensitive option in case you’re running a campaign and want to specify the number of hours the campaign can be available for.

  • Click Next to proceed. 

  • The Confirm page will appear with the name, message and schedule details.

  • Hit Launch Campaign to begin your marketing campaign.

Click on any campaign and you can see the performance of that campaign. Analysis is done in terms of total targeted users, number of push enabled users, number of users who saw the notifications and the number of users who clicked on it. You’ll see all these details for both - android and iOS devices separately.


Note : There’s a Suspend button at the bottom left corner. You can use this in case you wish to suspend campaigns. You can resume it later as well.