One of the most important aspects of great customer support is the kind of self-help you are capable of providing. Creating rich FAQs with content such as images, videos and GIFs will make them interactive and easily understandable. 

To create a new FAQ article:

  • Select FAQs in the menu.
  • You’ll see a + Create new FAQ button on top of the FAQs column. Click that to add a new article.

  • You will see an editor in the subsequent column space where you will be allowed to add the title and body of the article.

  • You can also add a link, image or video to the article to make it more interactive and easy to understand
  • Set visibility using checkboxes. (android, iOS or both)
  • Make sure the switch is enabled to make this article visible in devices. You can disable it if you wish to hide it
  • Click Save when done.

  • You can also measure the performance to know how helpful an article is. At the bottom right corner of every article, there are like/dislike buttons for users to rate.

Note : To edit an existing article, you should see an edit option in the upper right corner. And there is also a preview option next to it. You can preview article and see how it would look like on the android and iOS devices.

These articles are also accessible offline so users can access them even when they aren’t connected to the internet. Agents can send out links for these articles in the conversation to help users resolve an issue.