People don’t always knock your door for a solution. Sometimes they like to resolve issues on their own and they go FAQ hunting. And these FAQs must be well explained with proper detailed solutions - even content like images, videos and links for easy understanding.

For instant access, these FAQs must be easily searchable and here you can organize them into different categorical folders and put relevant articles into same folders so you can search right articles faster.

  • To add a new category, click on little “+” next to the title FAQ Categories on the upper left corner. 

  • Enter an appropriate title for the category.

  • Enter a description that explains what type of articles would be added in that category.

  • Upload an image. Icon for that category. 

  • Select checkboxes if you want this category to be visible on only iOS devices or only android devices or both. 

  • Finally, there’s an Enable/Disable switch to show or hide category in mobile devices. Make sure it is enabled to make it visible in mobile devices.

  • Click on Save when done.