A lot of users rely on FAQ to resolve issues themselves instead of reaching out to support personnel. These FAQs must thus be well explained in detail with content such as images, videos and links for easy understanding of issues related to the product.

For instant access, these FAQs must be searchable and with FAQ categories, you can organize them into different folders and add articles into their respective folders. 

  • To add a new category, click the small “+” next to the title FAQ Categories.
  • Enter an appropriate title for the category.
  • Enter a description that explains what type of articles would be added in that category.
  • Upload an image and icon for that category. 

  • Select checkboxes depending on which platforms you want it to appear on. 

  • There’s an Enable/Disable switch to show or hide category in mobile devices. Make sure it is enabled to make it visible in mobile devices.

  • Click Save when done.