Not all users are the same and while an offer/deal might work for one user, it might not for a different user. That is why we segment users. User segmentation is simply dividing your userbase into smaller groups based on some characteristics. With the help of segmentation you can group users and then send them targeted/personalised offers that appeal to them. It also helps companies gain a deeper understanding of users.

Select People in the menu option to access users and user segments. You should see user segments on the left side under Segments. User count on top will let you know the number of users falling under the selected segment.

To create a user segment:

  • Select People in the menu.

  • Click the + icon next to Segments from the window pane on the left

  • The window on the right expands on top with a + Add Filter button. Click it to add the conditions. You can add one or more conditions.

  • Once the conditions have been added, you can either select ALL - all specified conditions must be satisfied or ANY - one or some

  • Click Show Result to view the result.

  • Click Save Segment As to save it