Automated responses are a great way to keep your users engaged when agents are busy attending to other users. There are issues that can be addressed sometime later while some issues need an immediate fix. Whatever may be the case, no user wants to be left unattended.

With automated responses, you can let users know when agents will attend their issues. Along with that, you can also create automated replies for common messages.

To set Automated Responses, go to:

  • Settings --> Automated Responses

The Automated Responses page will open and show you a list of messages and the corresponding automated responses.

To create an automated response:

  • Click + Add Automated Response from the top right corner of the page

A small dialog box pops out in which you can add the Mobile User Message and the corresponding Automated Response for it. 

    •  Type a user message that would trigger the automated reply. Eg., hi, hey, hello
    • Enter an automated response for that message.
    • Click Save when done.

      Note : When you hover over an automated response, you’ll see options edit/delete appear on the right side. There is also a switch on the left side to enable/disable responses.