Support agents are on a typing spree when they are answering large number of customers and typing the same thing over and over may reduce their productivity. To keep things up for your agents and maintain their pace, you can create well-formatted - predetermined responses for commonly asked questions. This will lessen the agent's burden and increase their productivity. These responses are attached with short codes so the agent doesn’t even have to search for the right response. They just have to type the short code, hit enter and bam. 


To access canned responses, go to Settings and select Canned Responses.

You’ll see a list of all canned responses with short codes and intended responses.

To add a Canned Response:


  • Click + Add Canned Response button on the top right corner of the page

You can either keep it simple and just add a short code and intended text phrase to speed up agents and help them respond faster or you can even create a rich message (marketing campaign messages) as a canned response. These short codes start with “/” to separate them from normal text when agents are messaging. Whenever agents need to add canned responses, they can just type “/” followed by short code to insert canned response in the conversation.

Note : To edit or delete the canned response, just hover over it and your options appear on the right side.

  • Enter a short code you wish to use instead of a long message. Eg, hi

  • Type the intended response. Eg., Hello, how may we help you? 

  • Click Upload and select an image if you want one to be sent with the text

  • You can also add a deep link with the message to take the users to some other screen of the app or page on your website. Type a label for the deep link and URL in the spaces provided. 

  • Click Save when done