Channels are topical conversation threads within the inbox similar to WhatsApp groups. Each has its own purpose and will help you set the right context and expectations for your users. 


With no channeling, even if you have an inbox inside your app, all your users will use that one inbox to send all their queries and you’ll need a system to redirect these messages to the right support agents. With channeling, at the user's end you create separate channels, each with a different context so users can reach the right support agents faster. At the agent's side, you can just assign these channels to agent groups and each group will handle messages coming through the assigned channel.

If it is a shopping app, frequent queries would be about purchase issues, payment issues, returns, refunds and so on. Here the business can create separate channels for these issues - one for payment issues, one for purchase issues and likewise. At the user's end, this will give users some context and help them reach the right support agents faster while at the agent end, all these queries will end up going to the right support agent groups.

To access these channels:

  • Go to Settings and click Message Channels.

  •  Click on +Add Channel on top right corner of the screen

You’ll see channel icons, names, welcome messages and assigned agent groups. Welcome messages are for your app. These messages will set the context on purpose of the channel and welcome users.

Note : If you hover over channel, you’ll see an edit option appear on the right side. Click to edit the existing channel. And on the left side, you’ll see six dots in two columns of three. Click and hold to drag or move the channel or to change its position.

To create a message channel, go to:

  • Settings -> Message Channels
  • Click the + Add Channel button in the top right corner of the screen

  • Fill the fields by entering a name and welcome message

  • Upload an image and icon for that channel

  • Click Groups and you’ll see a dropdown list of all your agent groups. Select a group that you wish to map to the created channel

  • Click Save when done