Agent groups are exactly what the name implies. Put few agents together and you’ve got yourself an agent group. 

Whether you have a large support team that needs some kind of organising or a small team that needs streamlined processes, grouping agents will help you sort out support process and also help agents stay focused and productive. These groups are assigned to different channels and all incoming messages coming through those channels are automatically redirected to these groups without you needing to manually assign them to right agents.

If there is an on-demand food delivery service, most of their user queries would be about orders, billings and so on. The admin can then create an agent group to deal with order related queries, another to handle billing related issues and likewise.

Go to Settings -> Groups

You'll see a list of all agent groups with group names, description and the number of agents in that group.

Note : If you want to take a quick look at the number of agents present in any group, hover over the agent count under Agents and you will see the agent names. Options to edit or delete that group will also appear.

To create an agent group:

  • Click the + Add Group button on the upper right corner of the page

Once you click on +Add Group, the ADD GROUP pop-up appears. 

  • Fill the Group Name and Group Description fields
  • Select Agents from the dropdown list 
  • Click Save when done.