When you as an agent click Inbox, the first thing that you will come across is Views.

Under Views there are different types of views such as New, Assigned, Resolved, etc. with numbers corresponding to every view. That number indicates the number of messages under each view and it keeps changing according to the status of every message.

Views categorize messages into different groups.You will see default views under Views, shared views under Shared and your own private views under Your Views.

  • New: All new incoming messages that aren’t yet assigned to any agent.

  • Assigned: All messages that are assigned to agents.

  • Resolved: All resolved query messages.

  • Archived: All archived messages.

Default filters will organize messages in basic and more generic categories. In case you want something more specific, it helps you create your own custom filters. For eg, you want to see all new messages belonging to a specific group or messages assigned to a specific agent. You create your own custom filters. These filters are private and will be present under Your Views unless you share them with other team members. Filters shared by your team members are present under Shared Views.

To create a new filter:

  • Go to Inbox. You’ll see Views on the left side of the screen and a small + next to Views.

      • Click the button to open a small tab with the following fields:

        1. Message Channels
        2. Status
        3. Groups
        4. Agents
        5. Filter Name
      • Click the text box below Message Channels and you’ll see a dropdown menu of all available message channels. Select one.

      • The Status field lets you set the status of the channel. You can choose one or more based on your needs. If you select two or all three, you will see messages that are either New or Assigned or Resolved.

      • To view messages belonging to a specific group, select Groups from the drop down list by clicking the box. This will help you view multiple groups. Pick the relevant groups.

      • To view messages assigned to a specific agent, select Agent from the drop down list. You can select multiple agents.

      • Type a name under Filter Name.

      • If you want to share this filter with other agents, check Mark as Shared.

      • Click Save to save the setting