Before you start supporting customers, you need a support team who essentially are your support agents. So let’s see how you can add agents. You can access agents by going to Settings and clicking Agents. Here you’ll see the list of all your agents with their names, emails and roles they’ve been assigned - admin, superuser or agent. These roles determine their access rights to functionalities.

Admin - Admins are at the top of command chain and have access to everything.

Superuser - Superusers can access everything except settings.

Agents - Agents can only access the inbox and account settings


Adding a new agent is as simple as adding a new contact in your smartphone. All you have to do is fill up some details and hit add.


To add a new agent, go to:


  • Settings -> Agents

  • Click the + Add Agent button on the top right corner of the page

Note : To edit or delete an agent, just hover over the target agent and you’ll see options appear on the right side.

  • The Add Agent page opens with fields for name, e-mail address, roles and groups 
  • Enter the Agent's email address and name 
  • Select the role from the drop down menu
  • If you have Groups enabled, you can assign the group for the agents
  • Click Save when you’re done
  • Once added, agents will get an invite email with login credentials. 
  • From there they can access and respond to messages and conversations