Quick View gives you a glimpse of all pending messages in the inbox in the form of notifications, similar to Facebook notifications. You will be able to access newer conversations which are still unassigned from the Quick View tab on the top right corner of the page.

To use Quick View:

  • Click on the notifications badge which is accessible on the top right corner of the Hotline interface.

  • A dropdown list of all conversations will appear
  • Conversations from the Quick View can be self assigned by clicking the 'Pick Chat' Button.
  • You can pick one to begin resolving issues and queries

You can operate from "Assigned to me" tab, without having to alternate between "New" and "Assigned to Me" and make it convenient to keep a tab on new conversations waiting to get picked up.


Note: In case you are not a member of the Group to which the message has been mapped, you would not be able to pick it up.