IntelliAssign accounts for the number of “active conversations” each active agent has been assigned and is currently handling, rather than just the total conversations assigned to the agent. This is done in order to determine which agents need to be assigned newer conversations and to balance the load across agents. Intelliassign applies only for accounts under the Enterprise plan. 

An “active conversation” is defined as one that is pending reply on the agent or one that is pending reply on the customer for under a configurable amount of time (defaults to 5 minutes here).

To set up IntelliAssign: 

Go to Settings --> Select Intelliassign 

Set the caps for each setting:
  1. Select the maximum time cap for an agent to become inactive from the 'Set agent as inactive for IntelliAssign if he is idle for' option. This means if the agent is idle for more than an 'x' amount of time, he will be automatically marked inactive.
  2. If a customer has not replied for an 'x' amount of time, the conversation will automatically become inactive. You can manage this by setting the time duration in the Set a conversation as inactive if customer has not replied in option.   
  3. Fix or limit the number of conversations a particular agent can hold by choosing the Limit maximum active conversations per agent to option. 
  4. Enabling reassignment of conversations to the same agent: 
  5. If the user replies to a conversation within 'x' minutes after it has been marked as resolved or archived, the conversation will be force reassigned to the same agent who handled it previously. 

For the conversation to be force reassigned:

  1. IntelliAssign has to be enabled, the agent has to be part of a group and the agent also has to be active. 
  2. Conversations can be reassigned to the same agent if the conversation is reopened after it has been marked as resolved or archived. 
  3. The conversation is force reassigned to the same agent if it is reopened within a minimum period of 5 minutes. The time is calculated not from the time of resolution or archival but from the last message sent by the end user or agent in the conversation. 
  4. The 'reassign to same agent if conversation is opened within' option has to be equal to or greater than 5 minutes. 
  5. Once that is set, hit Save

Skill Levels:
  1. You can set higher active conversations for your expert agents and lower the number of conversations for a new agent. 
  2. To add Skill Levels, click on +Add Skill Levels

  • An 'Add Skill Level' dialog box will pop up
  • Add the label for the skill level from the Label field, the agent names from the Add Agents field and the number of conversations the agents in that group can handle 
  • Once done, hit Save
  • Your Skill Level has now been set

  • Once saved, it will look like this.
  • You can use the toggle switch on the left to enable or disable Skill Levels
  • Note: To edit or delete a skill level, hover your pointer to the extreme right and pick what you want to do. 

Group Settings: 

  1. Choose the groups for which it is applicable
  2. Use the toggle switch to enable or disable IntelliAssign for specific groups 

Note: Only the admin will be able to see 'IntelliAssign' as an option in Settings.